Thursday, February 07, 2013

In a Fog

I traveled to work this morning
surrounded by a velvet soft
 blanket of fog,
the sun a misty light in the sky. 

Eerie and other-worldly.....
 but in a good way.
It was a peaceful way to
begin my day.


Southern Lady said...

So pretty, Carolyn ... I've missed you.

Cheryl @ TFD said...

Beautiful images, Carolyn! I especially love the first one. Hope you are doing okay. Take care.

Jenni said...

Awesome photos, Carolyn!! Beautiful and a bit mysterious.... Looks like an enchanted land...


racheld said...

How very lovely and full of enchanting mysteries!

I'd love to wander off into that mist, inhaling the scents of forest and leaves and pinecones stirred with every step. It would wash all the dust of the days away, and I'd emerge at the other side refreshed and ready for the day.