Monday, February 18, 2013

The day was too lovely to spend indoors.
        David suggested a ride to the country
              to check out an old cemetery that had
                     been found when clearing some land.
After a short walk through these
               pretty dried grasses, we came
                                         upon this...............
A small, neglected little
               spot, hosting the remains
                                      of a long lost family.
Some of the stones dated to the 1800's.
                                Most were unreadable.
            The cemetery has been marked off and
                               hopefully, will be cleaned up
                                           and properly preserved.
We stopped at the Koran cemetery on our way
             and found this marker for Mary Brown,
                           born in 1797! She was the oldest
                              person we came across that day.
(I did not notice the small American flag
on the ground behind the marker until
I looked at these pictures.
 I would surely have picked it up.)
Visiting old cemeteries and
           reading the history found in them
                        is one of my favorite things to do.
However, on this day,
   I felt a little melancoly for some reason.
      It was a good reminder of how important it
             is to live my life, making each day count.
Looking forward to more
lovely spring days to be out and about!


mississippi artist said...

Visiting old cemeteries is one of my favorite passtimes too! I can spend all day taking photos and reading headstones. I recently took some wonderful photos in Vaiden,Ms. I will have to share. I do hope someone does take care of the one you found.

Southern Lady said...

I, too, love to explore old cemeteries. Some of the old stones and monuments are truly works of art, and you never know what you may find.

Cheryl @ TFD said...

There are so many old cemeteries and I would like to think they are all taken care of, but I doubt they are. I am thinking of one that was a family plot on a farm my dad once owned. It was fenced, but I don't think the owners now have taken care of it. Since it's on private land there's nothing anyone can do that I know of. Cemeteries are interesting places to explore.

Jenni said...

Very cool pixs, Carolyn! I also enjoy a walk thru an old cemetary, reading the headstones and trying to imagine who the people might have been....