Saturday, March 09, 2013

Food for the Body and the Spirit

Another first for us as we embrace
the mid-life to senior-adult years.
David had to have cataract surgery
and that includes some form of
inactivity as in no bending or lifting
for a week.
"Still" is not in his vocabulary so
needless to say, he suffered from
cabin fever by the end of the week.
We decided to drive across the state
line to enjoy a catfish dinner so he
could get out of the house.
It is a beautiful spot about 30 minutes
from our home.
While enjoying the scenery......
what did I spy on the far bank??
Looks like Big Foot has a
hankerin' for a fish dinner as well!
Guess I can tell the folks on that
reality show they can quit looking...
I found him.
A totem anchored the parking area,
carved by a local chainsaw artist that
turned a dead tree into a work of art.


my favorite, a pelican.

a Caddo Indian profile, isn't
this amazing?
cute frog on a lily pad
and last but not least.....
a gator...
all familiar sights in these parts,
 done by a man and a chain
saw, on a ladder I suppose?
I was impressed.
As usual, we traveled the back roads
and David always finds a new
path to explore, (especially since
he was in no hurry to get back to
the house after being cooped up all week).
This tree caught my eye. You know I have a
love affair with them (trees) and love them
bare or dressed in greenery.
This one, I think is beautiful in form with
all its tiny branches.
Not much excitement around the
Cypress Swamp these days
as you can tell.
The clouds are forming and
the forecast for tomorrow
is rain. I'm so thankful
for a beautiful day and a drive
through the country with my
hubbie and new sights to see.
We returned refreshed
in body and in spirit.
Happy Weekend.....


S. Etole said...

Looks like a very interesting ride. Someone is creative with a chainsaw.

Southern Lady said...

Interesting place and great pictures, Carolyn ...
Isn't it amazing what a drive off the beaten path will do to lift your spirits.

Vickie H said...

It is always something when you get old isn't it? I love our short little trips tho, they get us out of a rut. We wnt to west Monroe for our last outing-anywhere in Lousiana makes me happy!