Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Fowl Family

Have you ever found something that you fell in love with the moment you saw it?
This sweet little family had been rejected by others at an auction, but immediately found a place in my heart.
It is time worn, a little chipped in places, but that makes it all the more dear to me.

They have the sweetest little faces, and even though the color and glaze is not perfect, it's that imperfection that attracts me.

They have been around a while as evidenced by the crazing in the glaze, but I imagine for a time, they graced someone's kitchen and brought a smile to a lady's face every now and then.

 So now they will live in my kitchen for a while and I do admit, they bring a smile to my face too!


Karen said...

Oh precious! I love them...just my style;).

Jenni said...

What a darling treasure you found at that Auction! I do love chickens... so French Country "Chic"!

And I love what you wrote about the imperfections making the piece more dear. It made me think of how God sees us, and loves us in spite of our imperfections.....