Friday, November 05, 2010


The busyness of this time of year has been more pronounced than usual and I haven’t had much time to stop and catch my breath or capture any moments with my camera.

This afternoon, I took a little walk through the swamp. We had some rain last week and it is finally cool enough that I don’t worry as much about snakes.  I thought I would share a couple of pictures with you.


Nothing in particular, just things that caught my eye like these pretty leaves. We have very little leaf color this year so these stand out.

A piece of a dead tree among the millions of leaves.


A reflection of the dock, sky and trees. The seeds and the layer of leaves  add another dimension.
Behind my neighbor’s house are swamp flowers in abundance. I have been planning to take pictures and haven’t had time. Now that it has finally rained, it is too wet and swampy to get in close.  Just imagine a swamp full of these pretty yellow flowers.

I apologize for the quality of these pictures. The wind was blowing and the light fading so they are not as sharp nor the color as clear as usual. I enjoyed the short time I had outdoors so much, I decided to share anyway.  I hope you enjoyed it also.


Karen said...

I did! I love your swamp. The cypress knee was a curious thing. You know how we like to *see* things in something. I think it looks like a big hand holding a little baby~~~now I wonder why that would be? :)

love you, miss you
lil sis

Karen said...

Oh goodness, now I'm *seeing* things everywhere.....theres a gator in your header disguised as a log!!! ;)

Jenni said...

I really enjoyed those pictures! the Cypress tree looked like a hand to me, too! It looks like it's giving the U.T "Hook em horns" sign! Hee hee. Now I know y'all are probably LSU fans.....

Thanks for the interesting "Swamp Tour"

Southern Lady said...

Beautiful pictures, Carolyn. We traveled on LA Hwy 15 Saturday, and I saw some of those pretty swamp flowers along the roadside. I'm glad I got to see what they look like up close.

The Farmer's Daughter said...

Hi Carolyn, you have a very nice blog! I really enjoyed the vacation photos, looks like a fantastic trip, and your photography is wonderful. We've been out west but not to the Tetons. I'd love to see them after seeing your post!

Thanks for your comments at my blog. I've signed up to be a follower here.

Have a good day,