Friday, September 30, 2011

 Living Up to Your Name

I've always loved the idea of
choosing a name because of it's meaning,
for example, like the American Indians 
did in naming their children.

However, it could put a bit of pressure upon a person
to live up to that name, especially if
you got one like "always speaks the truth"
or "eats like a bird" (especially if you love food!)

 A perfect example of something living up to its name
appeared in my yard this week.

The Surprise Lily
(or Spider Lily as some people call it) 
 always appears when the weather begins to cool
and a hint of fall is in the air.

I never expect them, they just seem to pop up. 
And what a surprise they were this year!

With the drought this summer, I had no idea
 these spidery red blooms would show up and show out!

They seem totally unaffected by the
lack of water and extreme heat.
In fact, they actually seem to have thrived.

They popped up in places I never expected.
(hence the name surprise lily?)

I feel like Fall has finally arrived!


Just out of curosity, I did a search on my name, Carolyn,
and found several different meanings.
One English meaning is "joy or song of happiness".
I like that one, even though I am not sure I always live up to it!

Another is a variation of the masculine name Charles,
which means "manly" and one source gave the feminine meaning
as "little womanly one". That one, I think I can be:))

~Happy Weekend~


LeAnn said...

What a fun post. I think I will see what my name means. I loved the pictures of the flowers and what a lovely surprise. This is the first time I have stopped by and I will come again.
Check out my blog
Living Waters by LeAnn

Jenni said...

This post just made my day, Carolyn... especially the gorgeous pics...

And it's a good thing I wasn't named "Eats like a Bird" hehehe.


Karen said...

The suprise lillies have been up around here for a while now. I always think of you when I see them.
Oh, and you are always my joyful song of happiness, little womanly one~


Cheryl @ The Farmer's Daughter said...

Your surprise lilies are so pretty! I have a few that come up and they are always pink.

I've never looked up the meaning of my name. I'll have to do that.

Fun post, Carolyn. Have a nice weekend!

S. Etole said...

What a stunning surprise!

mississippi artist said...

One of my favorite flowers, they are so pretty in an arrangement.